Maple Leaf Green World, Inc. (MGW-V)

This Canadian-based company, is a globally-unique (outdoor only), project-focused legal cannabis grower and cultivator with both US and Canadian operations as well as a renewable and sustainable energy producer operating in the agricultural and environmental industries. The Company pursues two distinct lines of business activities centered on (1) seeking and receiving approval to receive Canadian medical marijuana producer (“MMPR”) status to grow medical cannabis within an 80,000 sq.foot greenhouse complex in Canada for both domestic consumption and export to approved countries as well as an additional greenhouse growing operation in California with 20 acres of land that is capable of housing up to 30 greenhouse facilities in addition to the 2 existing greenhouses which are already in production.
The Company is well prepared for the legalization of recreational marijuana in the upcoming November, 2016 referendum in California, and (2) foreign eco-agricultural projects, such as a current project in China that focuses on growing value-added tree seedlings and nursery products that would have an impact on anti-desertification and CO2 reduction. A recent press release, dated July 27, 2016 (, addressed the Company’s fiscal prudence by leveraging management’s expertise and ability to grow two crops at the same time at their California medical marijuana project, thus potentially enabling a stable and consistent revenue stream for succeeding months.


This is a 1-year chart showing the enormous potential this company has. As Maple Leaf Green World continues putting out trendous news, match with their strong management skills and knowhow to achieve their goals quickly this company will be one to watch for in the furture.



Raymond Lai, CMA, B.Com. – Chairman of the Board, President & CEO and Director

Mr. Raymond Lai holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree received from the University of Calgary in 1975, and has been a registered member of the Certified Management Accountant Society (CMA) for over 25 years. Mr. Lai has been a successful key Executive for public companies in the manufacturing, mining and packaging industries for over 10 years, and has been instrumental in securing public and private Corporate Financing both domestic and international. [/one_whole]

Ken Zhao – Vice President – China Operation

Mr. Zhao has over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry, with particular expertise relating to setting up and operating large sales networks.


Joe Wong, M.Sc. B.Sc. Dip. BCIT – Director

Mr. Wong is a Horticulturist, resident of Telkwa, B.C., located near Smithers, B.C., and has spent the last 30 years improving reforestation nursery production systems and greenhouse systems and growing quality reforestation seedlings in the field as bare-root and in containers outdoor. Mr. Wong began his reforestation nursery career with the B.C. Ministry of Forests in 1978 for about seven years. In 1985, Mr. Wong started his own reforestation nursery, Woodmere Nursery, during which he managed the design and construction of a greenhouse facility with initial crop production of 2.5 million containerized seedlings and has now increased to growing 12 million seedlings annually.

Mr. Wong has extensive experience assisting field silviculturists in improving reforestation success from seed collection to planting through implementation of research trials and analysis of plantation failures. He has also reduced costs for their silviculture programs by reducing the usage of seeds, growing crops with less energy and reducing the time to grow certain species. Mr. Wong has also been involved throughout his career in genetic improvement and research on the benefits of ectomycorrhizae symbiotic relationships in reforestation and afforestation. Led by Mr. Wong, Woodmere Nursery has won the Northern Forest Innovator’s Award for its research into improving germination of Abieslasiocarpa.

Mr. Wong has recently embarked on conducting research with organic fertilizers to grow forestry seedlings and other crops in a greenhouse. This research aims to test whether seedlings grown with organic fertilizers are more stress resistant and also more resistant to pest attacks. Mr. Wong is now seeking new challenges and recognizes that his skills can be used in other parts of the world. With China’s increasing needs for reforestation and afforestation, Mr. Wong would like to use his skills and experiences to assist China achieve its goals in improving efficiencies and effectiveness of nursery production. Other areas of assistance would be mitigating desertification in the north, growing new plantations of suitable species for future forestry needs, creating biodiversity in its land, enhancing water quality and assisting in climate change mitigation through terrestrial carbon sequestration.

Greg Moline – Director

Mr. Greg Moline, President and CEO of High Brix Manufacturing Inc. based in Leduc, Alberta. For the past thirty two years, Mr. Moline has been very successful manage and operate two uniquely diverse businesses. After earning his bachelor degree in the faculty of commerce, he started his own construction company in Edmonton for twenty five years. Because of his root in farming, Mr. Moline became involved with a soil-testing laboratory. And it eventually led him to people that studied & followed the methods of Dr. Carey Reams and William Albrecht, as well as their new world of soil & plant health discoveries. With such knowledge on hand, Mr. Moline has spent past seven years on manufacturing, distributing and educating farmers in various part of the world on such new revolution of science on agriculture.




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